Sir Thomas More

30 Apr

Sir Thomas More wearing the Collar of Esses as...

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I have hit a roadblock, and that roadblock is Sir Thomas More.

More is such a complex and admirable man that I feel that I am destined to do him a disservice with my lack of knowledge about him in my tiny little blog post. I’ve been working on reading the excerpt from Utopiathat appears in the Norton Anthology. It’s not long and it’s not hard to read. But I know that once I finish reading it, I have to make a blog entry about it, and I’m anxious about how little of his story I’ll be able to tell because I don’t know enough about him.I recently watched the episode of The Tudors in which More was beheaded. So many people were being beheaded back then, and all of them are difficult to think about. But More was such an educated and focused individual, and it appears that King Henry felt enormous guilt over the execution — what a shame it was for them and for the world.

So, Sir Thomas More, I will remove your roadblock status. I will post about you, Sir, and I will do it soon. I apologize in advance for any disservice I may do you. Thank you for being such a strong and interesting figure!


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